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5 things elegant ladies never do

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What strikes you when you think about the word “Elegant”?

Generally, the word elegance has become synonymous with dispositions that are perceived to be graceful and sophisticated. It doesn’t matter if you weren’t raised into an elegant environment, it is something you can develop by learning from others, exploring books that teaches proper decorum, and adopting those principles.

It is worth noting that elegance has much more to do with what a lady gives up than what she applies.

If you are yearning for more elegance to add to your life, here are 6 things elegant ladies never do so that you can improve your happiness, efficiency and affluence:

  1. Elegant ladies never upload “thirsty” pictures online

You might be stunning. You might be confident enough to show off your body proudly and that is absolutely great. But let us face the truth for a minute. Uploading provocative pictures of yourself in a thong bikini or sheer undergarment doesn’t give the impression that you are a glamour model, it makes you appear shabby. Certainly, these types of photos will garner a lot of attention but if you are trying to be an elegant lady or have a branding of an elegant lady then these type of images don’t go hand in hand.

  1. Elegant ladies never waste time on social media

Certainly, an elegant lady is very sociable and she might even enjoy social media. However, wasting time scrolling on Instagram and getting caught up in drama, watching videos and liking photos is not her priority. An elegant lady uses her time wisely- spending quality time with her family, working on her projects, learning new skills or reading a great book.

Social media is a useful tool that can be used to connect with love ones all over the world. But it can become a distraction and, in all things, an elegant lady should ask herself is it enhancing her life.

  1. Elegant ladies never pursue men

Instinctively, Men know they must pursue a lady if they desire to win her affection and love. Men love a good chase. If a man doesn’t view you as a serious partner then he will use you for his own selfish enjoyment until he moves on to the woman he seriously wants.

An elegant lady will never be caught in such a situation. She has a healthy amount of self-worth and will not condone such disregard. She is disciplined enough not to be constantly calling and messaging a man’s phone asking him when they are going on a date. She allows her man to do the chasing.

  1. Elegant ladies are never mean towards other women

An elegant lady is a very pleasant woman. She doesn’t involve in herself in gossip and demean other women. She desires for other women to be the better  versions of themselves.

  1. Elegant ladies never speaks using jargons

An elegant lady speaks with confidence and talks audibly enough for others to understand her. She avoid using slangs or fillers  or such as “uh” or “uhm” because it will make her look uncultured.


These are just a few things elegant ladies never do. Being elegant is a way of life that will drastically improve any lady’s life.


What else elegant ladies never do?


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