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40 Things You May Be Missing Right Now

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In this difficult time, you’ll find that people are missing things; things that tend to be a part of our daily lives that help us to cope with what has been occurring around the world, in our communities, and even within our households. Of course, every item on this list will not apply to every single person – I am simply compiling the difficulties that I have observed across the general global population. You can add your own “misses” below in the comments if you don’t see yours on the list.

If you miss something, please remember that you are free to do so. Your feelings and emotions are as valid as the person beside you. Feel freely.

  1. Going outside to do various activities and errands
  2. Relaxing with family/friends at a restaurant somewhere
  3. Going to beaches/rivers/mountains/pools
  4. Going to concerts/ shows and other events
  5. Getting and giving hugs from people you love
  6. Sharing food and clothing with close/intimate individuals
  7. Having sex in (relative) peace
  8. Travelling across the island to visit local attractions
  9. Collecting money in (relative) peace
  10. Shopping at the supermarket in (relative) peace
  11. Going to the movies
  12. Being at school
  13. Being at church
  14. Being at work if you’re considered non-essential, and not being at home if you actually didn’t mind staying at home but have to return to work soon.
  15. Watching and reading news items that did not mention the Coronavirus
  16. Not feeling so tense/anxious all the time as it relates to personal health and safety
  17. Having the house all to yourself when family members left home more regularly
  18. Being able to smoke in (relative) peace
  19. Being able to travel on planes and ships
  20. Looking forward to foreigners visiting the country
  21. Being able to stand in large crowds without fear of personal health and safety
  22. Being able to cough in public and receive a “Bless you” instead of suspicious stares
  23. Being able to drown out your problems in your vices
  24. Being away for longer periods of time from abusers/hurtful individuals
  25. Being able to leave home without a mask
  26. Being able to breathe properly without a mask
  27. Being able to struggle without the added unnecessary stress of underlying health conditions possibly being made worse by the Coronavirus
  28. Being able to ignore the ignorant and uneducated comments of individuals who were recklessly tactless before the virus, but are now deliberately so because of it.
  29. Going for long drives at night
  30. Going for long walks at night
  31. Going for date nights
  32. Not having a curfew time.
  33. Being able to meet/rehearse/practice/link up without the need for using platforms such as Zoom, Skype, etc.
  34. Being able to make money in (relative) peace
  35. Being able to show off your fashionable outfits in public
  36. Being able to plan ahead with (relative) certainty
  37. Networking with individuals at events you had planned to attend
  38. Being able to go on tours
  39. Being able to largely ignore what governments in various countries have been up to
  40. Not being able to come back home


This is a difficult time. I encourage you to fight. We will overcome.

Blessings in abundance!


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Faaaacctts Sheki… I miss going to audition even if I knew they were gonna choose the skinny, high complexion girl with the squeaky voice instead because we are a classist country…. Just being able to get out there and hone my craft bruh


Faaaacctts Sheki… I miss going to audition for roles that I knew they were going to choose the skinny, high colour girl with the squeaky voice regardless of who came… Because we are a classist nation. Just going out there and having another opportunity to hone my craft… I miss it.