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22 of 23 Reggae Girlz Team Members Announced by JFF

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The Jamaican Football Federation, also commonly referred to as the JFF, is the main deciding authority on football in the country.  This federation handles all the important matters regarding the national team and team selection is therefore an important duty of the JFF.  The FIFA Women’s World Cup is just around the corner and everyone is eager to know the final list of players who made the cut. This year it will be held in France; only 23 of the best footballers from the country will make the team. It is indeed a tough competition to make the squad.

This year the World Cup begins on June 7. The final match for the World Cup will be played on July 7.  Anything FIFA is regarded as a  major event in the sports world. There are currently 23 slots in the qualification phase. All the national teams vie with each other for these slots. So far, the World Cup Women’s tournament has been held 7 times. The United States has won the championship 3 times. Japan and Norway have each won the title just once. Germany has won it twice.

Selected Candidates

So far, 22 candidates have been selected for the Jamaican National Women’s team.  The remaining person is waiting to be cleared by the FIFA officials. Konya Plummer is the captain of this team. She has played for the national team in the under-15, under-17 and under-20 category. Once the clearance is obtained we will have the complete list of 23 people. As of now, the selected 22 are Sydney Schneider, Nicole McClure,  Allyson Swaby, Ashleigh Shim, Chinyelu Asher, Kayla McCoy, Cheyna Matthews, Tiffany Cameron, Jody Brown, Olufolasade Adamolekun, Chanel Hudson-Marks, Khadija Shaw, Deneisha Blackwood, Dominique Bond-Flasza, Lauren Silver, Marlo Sweatman, Sashana Campbell, Konya Plummer, Toriana Patterson, Trudi Carter, Yazmeen Jamieson, Chantel Swaby. The team is being coached by Hue Menzies.

Remaining One Member

The team is still awaiting confirmation for Vyan Sampson. Vyan Sampson is the West Ham United ladies defender. In the event that she does not get the necessary clearance, Shakira Duncan will be brought into the team. Shakira Duncan is a veteran striker. Last year, the team ranked 3rd overall and it is the best performance given by the team so far. This year the team has been working hard to improve their standings.


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