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101 things to do while in quarantine

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A bunch of people are forced to stay at home due to restrictions as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. What can you do to prevent boredom or restlessness from driving you crazy? Here’s the ultimate list of enjoyable and productive things you can do while confined to your home.


  1. Exercise!
  2. Improve your cooking skills
  3. Learn to bake
  4. Improve your sewing skills
  5. Learn a new language
  6. Learn to play an instrument (especially if you have one lying around)
  7. Improve your communication skills
  8. Take a free online course/ learn a skill
  9. Read a book
  10. Learn how to take good photographs
  11. Spring clean photos
  12. Make digital photo albums
  13. Clear the junk from your phone
  14. Organise your PC desktop
  15. Enable online transactions
  16. Make your passwords/online verification stronger
  17. Groom your own nails
  18. Groom your own hair
  19. Make your own natural skin/beauty care products (DIY)
  20. Write a letter to yourself to open in 10 years
  21. Have a spa day
  22. Give yourself a foot soak (pedicure)
  23. Take a bubble bath
  24. Evaluate/reflect on your life
  25. Make a plan to improve your life
  26. Reach out to impactful people you’ve lost touch with
  27. Forgive anyone that you need to
  28. Cultivate gratitude
  29. Reflect on the ‘big picture’
  30. Review your diet and make a plan to improve it
  31. Detox your body and mind
  32. Keep a daily journal
  33. Learn the history about yourself/ your family


  1. Play trivia and other brain games
  2. Have a camping night/ weekend (at home edition)
  3. Create a scavenger hunt
  4. Play board games
  5. Have a dance party!
  6. Tell stories
  7. Create a ‘new’ game
  8. Draw/paint a picture
  9. Write a song
  10. Write a poem
  11. Have a karaoke night
  12. Have a picnic day (at home edition)
  13. Reminisce through old pictures
  14. Watch home videos
  15. Make home videos
  16. Create a family photo collage
  17. Take in the nature that surrounds you/ try star gazing
  18. Try new recipe with family members!


  1. Audit your food and toiletry supplies
  2. Audit your ‘emergency’ supplies
  3. Create a first aid/survival kit
  4. Spring clean the kitchen cupboards
  5. Spring clean the pantry
  6. Deep clean your freezer/fridge
  7. Meal plan
  8. Write grocery list
  9. Meal prep
  10. Clean curtains and mats
  11. Clean fans
  12. Organize book shelf
  13. Digitize old receipts and bills
  14. Spring clean the garage/basement
  15. Spring clean your closet (and any other forgotten areas)
  16. Downsize your clothes/shoes/kitchen gadget collections
  17. Dust ceilings
  18. Organise your important documents
  19. Make/update your will
  20. Check up on your savings/investments
  21. Check up on your insurance policies
  22. Learn how to make a budget
  23. Research ways to save money around the house
  24. Deep clean/organize your car
  25. Learn about your car
  26. Learn how to service your car
  27. Update your car playlist
  28. Fix leaky faucets
  29. Complete unfinished projects
  30. Prepare a maintenance schedule for your home
  31. Start a gardening project
  32. Identify and plan home improvement projects


  1. Talk to one another
  2. Chat with your friends and relatives (FaceTime/ Skype/ Zoom)
  3. Write letter, notes, texts and send to friends
  4. Make a video with words of encouragement
  5. Interview older family members
  6. Watch the news
  7. Pray


  1. Do your work/ schoolwork
  2. Review your kid’s notebooks and help to teach them
  3. Think about processes at work that you can improve
  4. Brush up your resume
  5. Start your own blog
  6. Start your own YouTube channel
  7. Write/finish writing a book
  8. Make a plan for the business you always wanted to start
  9. Do market research
  10. Organized your schedule/ Make a “to-do” list
  11. Check out the other interesting stories here on Jamaica Medium!!!

I hope this list was helpful! If you can think of other things, please feel free to leave them in the comment section of this post!




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