How To Find Teaching Jobs In Jamaica

Are passionate about teaching? Looking for a Job in Jamaica? Jamaica Medium is here to help you. There are many teaching positions available in Jamaica. As a trained teacher you can teach elementary, high school and even University students.

How to find teaching jobs in Jamaica?

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Jamaica’s education system includes  6 years of primary school education which is compulsory and free. After receiving primary education, the student move on to high school. The National Training Agency oversees vocational training in Jamaica that is provided by state vocational training centers and private academies. Programs tuned to the nation’s needs include agriculture, automotive skills, beauty services, clothing manufacture, commercial skills, information technology, and building and construction skills. The next step is University which is not compulsory.

Teaching Job Opportunities

You can teach in any educational institution depending on your qualification. A college degree is usually mandatory for high school and elementary /primary schools. A Masters degree or a Ph.D. is mandatory at the Universities. Openings can be found on the Ministry or Education website.

Where to find teaching Jobs?

After you find the company you are interested in then you may visit the website to find available jobs. You can create an account and apply directly to the opening that is available. If there is no opening available, you can send a general application. The Human Resource department will keep the application for a certain period. If a suitable opening is available you will be notified.

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