Legal Officer (JLG/LO 2)

Annual Salary

Job Description

The Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill the vacant post of:

Legal Officer (JLG/LO 2) – Legal Services Unit


Job Purpose

Under the general direction of the Senior Legal Officer (JLG/LO 4), the Legal Officer (JLG/LO 2) assists with coordinating legislation programmes and providing general legal advice for the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce and its respective Departments and Agencies in support of their Strategic Objectives.


Key Responsibilities

Technical Professional

Participates in negotiations and drafts or peruses employment, engagement and all other contracts on behalf of the Ministry, it’s Agencies and Departments, ensuring conformity with the related laws and policies and the interest of the Ministry;

Assists in the preparation of drafting instructions and/or drafting orders for signature of the Minister, ensuring all necessary/required consultation and Cabinet Submissions are done and co-ordinates the Gazetting of the Orders;

Assists with the preparation of all legislative documents required to facilitate the enactment of legislation;

Provides sound legal opinions/advice and briefs that reflects strong forensic skills and research;

Assists in vetting Cabinet Submissions prepared by other Departments and provides feedback to respective personnel before submission to Cabinet;

Assists in the drafting of new laws and regulations relating to subjects and Departments assigned to the Ministry;

Assists the Attorney General’s Department in Civil Cases on behalf of the Ministry and/or their Departments and Agencies, ensuring adequate support to the Attorney General’s Department as required;

Assists with the development and review of the legal framework for the reform of the local Commercial Sector to maintain currency and relevance to the changing environment and its alignment to global standards;

Assists in the review of current legislation to determine the need for updating of provisions in response to policy changes and efficiency;

Maintains high ethical standards in the conduct of professional and personal business;

Performs any other related duties assigned from time to time, by the Senior Legal Officer.


Required Knowledge, Skills and Competencies


Excellent oral and written communication skills

Good analytical thinking skills

Ability to work in a team

Ability to use initiative

Sound integrity

Good interpersonal skills

Good problem-solving and decision-making skills

Customer and quality focus

Good planning and organizing skills


Excellent Report Writing skills

Knowledge of the legal framework of Government

Sound knowledge of the Ministry’s policies and procedures and the operations of Government

Sound knowledge of conveyancing, laws governing the Financial Sector, Commercial Law, laws relating to investment and trade, Industrial Relations Law and Intellectual Property law

Knowledge of Contract negotiations and drafting

Knowledge of the legislation process

Good research skills

Proficient in the use of relevant computer applications


Minimum Required Qualification and Experience

An Attorney-at-Law licensed to practice in the Courts of Jamaica.