Dietitian (HPC/ND 2)

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  • Full Time
  • Jamaica

The Ministry of Local Government and Community Development invites applications from suitably qualified individuals to be assigned to/fill the following post:

Dietitian (HPC/ND 2) – (4 posts – Vacant) – (Infirmary)


Job Purpose

Under the general direction of the Chief Executive Officer, Municipal Corporation, the Dietitian is responsible for the development of short and long-term plans for the delivery of quality Nutrition Care services while containing cost and maintaining personnel and training functions for the Clinical Dietetics of the residents in the island’s infirmaries on a regional basis. The service delivery will entail the creation of menus for residents of the infirmaries based on their nutrient needs and the Doctor’s orders to help with health problems, promote recovery and prevent diseases. The incumbent is required to develop menus, shopping lists and recipes, assists in supervising Kitchen staff in the preparation of meals, while maintaining the highest professional food quality. The Dietitian is also required to work closely with the entire Health Care Team, including the Kitchen staff, to achieve required outcome of improved health of all residents.


Key Responsibilities

Determines cost-effectiveness of nutrition intervention for client/patient-oriented nutrition care (example, Nutrition Counselling, implementing care);

Maintains system to contain costs (example allocations of time, food, supplies and personnel) while preserving quality;

Specifies criteria to measure the quality of nutrition care;

Provides the nutrition expertise in establishing goals for the Health Care facility;

Establishes programmes goals for the Clinical Dietetics Section;

Participates in an ongoing programmes of quality assurance for patient care and for delivery of services to client/patient;

Identifies, desired outcomes/goals of nutrition care for individual client/patient (for example, disease prevention, health maintenance, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation);

Determines nutrient and energy requirement for individual client/patient based on age, sex and state of health;

Selects appropriate source(s) of specific nutrients (example food, food products and nutrient solutions) and develops diet pattern for individual client/patient. Food Preparation and Services:

Conducts nutrition assessments, identifies residents at risk for malnutrition and creating Diet plans;

Develops Nutrition plans and implement interventions based on knowledge of patient’s current health;

Analyzes the effectiveness of interventions and uses metrics to implement data-driven improvement;

Actively keep up with the latest Nutritional Research, integrating new findings into Diet plans and Nutritional services;

Completes monthly, quarterly and yearly assessments of clients and adapts Nutrition plans as needed;

Provides Nutrition Education to residents and Patient Care Assistants;

Collaborates with physicians, therapists and Patient Care Assistants in order to tailor dietary services and improves residents/patient outcomes;

Reviews and communicates Drug-nutrient and Drug-drug incompatibilities that impact a patient’s nutrition status and/or nutrient utilization;

Communicates and influences treatment interventions determined by the Medical Team through Interdisciplinary Meetings;

Performs and other duties and responsibilities determined from time to time.


Required Knowledge, Skills and Competencies


Excellent organizing and planning skills

Strong time management skills to consistently deliver quality output within agreed timelines

Excellent oral and written communication skills

Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to interact with staff at all levels

Ability to instruct others

Ability to identify and solve complex problems

High level of patient confidentiality


Thorough understanding of Biochemistry and Human Physiology

Application of knowledge of standards for food

Excellent knowledge of the science of human nutritional care, an essential component of health science

Excellent knowledge of food service systems management of groups

Excellent knowledge of research findings and current knowledge to solve client’s/patient’s nutrition problems

Applied nutritional designs to research projects and reports results to solve client’s/patient’s nutrition problems

Participate in applied research and related dietetic professional activities; uses research findings and current knowledge in nutrition care

Excellent knowledge of application of current techniques in research relating to the practice of clinical and administrative dietetics


Minimum Required Qualification and Experience

First Degree in Nutrition or Dietetics;

Four (4) years’ experience in related field;

Experience in a hospital or nursing home would be a distinct advantage;


Bachelor’s Degree with a major in Nutrition and Dietetics followed by a Dietetic Internship or supervised service in a hospital food service that would lead to qualification for active membership in a professional organization (A.D.A., C.D.A, CANDI);

Experience in management and seven (7) years’ experience in Clinical Dietetics, two (2) years of which should be in a supervisory position.


Special Conditions Associated with the Job

Will be required to travel locally;

Will be required to attend Council meetings as required;

Highly flammable work area;

Required to respond on 24-hour recall of food/nutritional items.