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Contributing Writers (Pay-Per-View)

Annual Salary

Job Description

  • Freelance
  • Jamaica

Jamaican Medium, a fast-growing company, with a reach of over 200,000 monthly visitors, is seeking:

Contributing Writers 

As a Contributing Writer, you will play an integral role in changing people’s lives with self-improvement guidance, inspirational articles, informative pieces, advice and simply by sharing your voice.


You have the option to be paid , by a “Pay-Per-View” Model. Payment is determined by the amount of views your article receive.


What Is Required

Passion for every subject that is written about.

Solid base of expertise and experience.

Fresh ideas and perspectives.


What the Platform Provides

Robust outlet to expand your sphere of credibility

Active community highly engaged with your content

Unique editorial workflow

Opportunity to create an additional income stream

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