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The University Hospital of the West In­dies, Anaesthetic and Intensive Care Unit, is inviting applications from suitably qualified persons to be trained as:

 Anaesthetic Technicians


Summary of Training:

Prepare and set up machines/equipment required for surgery

Check all medical gas supply outlets, flow meters and hose daily for breaks and/or leaks

Assist Anesthetist with patients during intubation (i.e. administering oxygen, handling laryngoscope, inflating endotracheal tube and securing before connecting to machine)

Connect and Calibrates Pressure Transducer to multiple parameter monitor

Connects E.C.G. Machine to patient skin and program alarm (high/low)

Connects oxygen saturation sensor to finger or toe, program graph size and alarm level.

Calibrates carbon dioxide (C02) sensor and connects between E.T. tube and ventilator then program alarm level

Sets up non-invasive blood pressure to monitor patient’s blood pressure before and during induction period. Sets interval as requested by doctor

Prepare cubicles, for admission of patient by connecting ventilator and oxygen hose to electrical supply

Sets normal volume, sign volume, high/low pressure limit, peak flow, sign rate, oxygen concentration, breath line rate et al (Preparation of cubicle for infants and neonates requires installation of a special ventilator incubator and paediatric re-breathing circuit)

Testing all signal lamps, turns off sensitivity and nebulizer until requested by physician

Re-assemble ventilation circuit, add hydrogen peroxide to nebulizer, turns on machine and run for one hour add sterile water and run for one hour until

Transport to the X-Ray Department anesthetic machine, ventilator, suction apparatus, oxygen and accessories for intubation and resuscitation (if this necessary)



5 CXC subjects including English Language, Mathematics and a Science Subject.