How Your Social Media Impacts Your Employment Opportunities

The world of technology and the ease of access to information is quite often a two-edged sword. This is especially true when it comes to how easy it is to discover new jobs, as it is on Jamaican Medium, and how easy it is for employers to access your information online. It is with this in mind that one should always be vigilant about keeping a clean social media record. Though cover letters and resumes are important, quite often, social media is a big deterrent (in cases of bad social media history) for employers to hire an applicant. Below is a list of some of the detrimental mistakes applicants can make on their social media accounts.

How Your Social Media Impacts Your Employment Opportunities 1

Complaining About Your Job or Boss

No future employer would be comfortable with the potential of being “put on blast” should some conflict arise on the job. It is both distasteful and unprofessional to complain about your job online. No matter how bad the situation, and how great the temptation is to vent, you have to refrain!

Using Texting Language

In this age of getting things done in the shortest time possible and cutting corners, most individuals have adapted the “texting language”. It is used so often that it spills over into other platforms. Some job seekers have even mistakenly submitted letters and emails with texting language, but that is another topic for another article all together. Be mindful of how you speak while online as this is reflective of how you will interact with clients through written communication.

Posting Distasteful Comments

Most organizations believe that their employees reflect their company as a whole. They would be mortified to see one of their own using derogatory language and making less than politically correct comments online. Being professional at all times should be the mantra of all job seekers and employees.

Posting Photos with Alcohol and Drugs

An employer does not have the unrealistic expectation that their employees will not have a life outside the company. However, they are expecting that some things will be kept behind closed doors and out of the public’s eye. Resist the urge to show off the “lit” weekend that just passed. Always keep in mind that potential employees may be lurking in the background. What image do you want to portray?

Mocking Your Customers/Clients

The customers and clients are the reason behind any organization; without them there is no business. The principle of ‘the customer is always right’ may be hard to live by but the concept is to ensure that the very best service is consistently provided. Therefore, as much as you feel that the customer was “less than smart”, avoid going online and putting that out into the world where potential employers, and the potential customers/clients that they bring with them, will see.

Appearing (Professionally) Uninformed

Social media is a wonderful place with many opportunities to connect with the right people. It is the perfect place to begin building a professional network. It is also a great place to display personal professional achievements, knowledge and interests. Therefore, be mindful of the information you share and the opinions you post. Research and keeping up to date with your field is key. This will help employers to see how passionate and knowledgeable you are in your field of choice.


Jamaican Medium is a gateway into the world of employment, a marketplace that brings employers and job seekers together. The company aspires to help employers find the best candidate but also assist candidates in putting their best foot forward. The assistance to job seekers is achieved through comprehensive job lists, helpful articles and more. That is, however, the most the company can do, the rest is up to the job seeker to portray an image that will attract employers.