How to Post Jobs in Jamaica

Despite the fact that there are so many persons on the hunt for jobs, it is still not unusual to hear employers complaining that they have vacancies that have been unfilled for long periods of time. This, according to most, is either because they cannot find suitably qualified applicants or there are just no applications coming in for the position. Again, this seems to be counterintuitive since there are so many people in the workforce who remain unemployed, but it suggests that the root of the problem is that the vacancy might not have been properly advertised.

In today’s modern age, it is simply not enough to depend on traditional printed media or word of mouth to get the news out that an opening exists with a particular employer. This is especially true if the job is one of those that requires specialist qualifications or an advanced skill set. It is increasingly becoming the norm to find job seekers and job promoters exchanging information on the Internet and in order to become a successful recruiter or employer of choice, one has to know how to maximize on this new medium.


How to Post Jobs in Jamaica


post a job in Jamaica

Posting job openings online can be done in a variety of ways; from sending out a blast on social media to using a dedicated jobs and careers website to get the information out. Going the most cost effective route might be attractive at first glance but in trying to get the best candidates and applications conventional wisdom dictates that it never hurts to get help from service providers with the expertise to get the job done right.

Websites like : have done wonders in changing the landscape in terms of getting the right worker into the right post in an efficient and hassle free way. The interface is user friendly and there is excellent support for corporate users who might initially lack the savvy to maneuver the process of getting the vacancy posted online.

While the technology has changed, the basics of posting a job on the internet are essentially no different from the traditional approach. The most interesting change is that persons on the hunt for work will now research a prospective employer in greater detail than in the past so it is important that when posting a job online the following is considered:-

– Be clear and concise about who the employer is, the position that needs to be filled and where the actual location of the job to be performed is. Many employers make the mistake of failing to let prospective candidates know that the address of the corporate headquarters used in the advertisement might not be where they will actually be required to report to work.

– Give as much information as possible about the qualifications needed for the job and a summary of the job description. Too often workers will be fooled by the TITLE advertised and only discover later on that what the job requires is not what it first seems.

– Include a description or breakdown of the wages and benefits being offered. There is nothing to be gained by being deceptive with money; this will only frustrate interested candidates and created an unwanted reputation for the employer.

Knowing how to use the best tools available to fill vacancies that will invariably occur in a workplace is essential in today’s technological age. This knowledge is an instant advantage for any employer because it will always remain true that finding the right fit between employer and employee can be very tricky but when achieved is ultimately satisfying for all involved.


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