How To Find Jobs At Seprod Limited?



How to find Seprod jobs in Jamaica?

Seprod, Jamaica Careers, Job Description

Seprod Limited was incorporated in Jamaica in July 1940 and became a public company listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange in 1985. The company employs a direct Labour force of over 370 persons, with a multiplicity of support labour. Seprod’s Corporate office is located at Felix Fox Boulevard. The Board of Directors is chaired by Mr. Paul Scott, with Mr. Richard Pandohie as the Chief Executive Officer and Group Managing Director.

Seprod Job Opportunities

The career opportunities at Seprod are endless. If you are interested in Customer service, Human Resource, Business Administration and Accounting then you may consider Seprod your place of employment.

Where to find Seprod Jobs?

You can send a general application to The Human Resource Department. They will keep the application for a certain period. If a suitable opening is available you will be notified. You can visit the company’s website for more information.

Or Use Jamaica’s #1 Job listing portal¬† Jamaica Medium for more job opportunities.