How To Find CVM Jobs?


How to find CVM jobs in Jamaica?

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CVM Television Limited  was incorporated in Jamaica on July 31, 1990 and was granted a license to operate in March, 1991. CVM TV began providing commercial television services in March, 1993 the second of its kind in Jamaica. The Company enjoys forty-nine percent (49%) share of the market, broadcasting a full twenty-four(24) hours of planned programming each day and operates under a License from the Broadcasting Commission. CVM TV offers a variety of attractive and competitive services to its advertisers and viewers and strives to improve on its productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of services to the public.

Job Opportunities

The career opportunities at CVM are exciting. If you are interested in broadcasting, media, advertising, journalism and business administration then you may consider CVM your place of employment.

Where to find CVM Jobs?

You can send a general application to The Human Resource Department. They will keep the application for a certain period. If a suitable opening is available you will be notified.

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