How To Find Wisynco Career, Jobs?

Finding jobs in Jamaica is very easy but securing the job is very hard, especially Wisynco Jobs. The best solution to a problem that affects most people is to apply to a large pool of job openings. Jamaica medium can help you to find the right job that is suitable for you.

How to apply for Wisynco job openings/vacancies?

Wisynco Careers,  Job Description

Wisynco began as a family run company in 1921. It is operated by a team of over 1,500 staff spread out between all divisions, working across the island. For over 50 years the company has expanded by reinvesting profits into training staff and educating the next generation of Wisynco employees. The company recruit individuals who share the similar philosophies. The philosophies that guide the institutions include Compassion, Humility, Integrity, Respect, and Passion.

Wisynco Careers, Job opportunities

Exciting careers are available at Wisynco in different fields. These include, Administration, Management, Accounting, Human Resource, Customer Service Representative, and Marketing. If you are adept in these areas then you have a high chance of securing a position in the organization.

Wisynco Product and services

Wisynco is a manufacturer and distributor that imports products such as food, beverages and paper. Some of the popular brands include Cran Wata, Bigga, Tru- Juice, Boom,Squeeze and Sweet. They supply both small and large business their products. The company also articulate their social responsibility and they have fulfilled it over the years.

Where find Wisynco Careers, Jobs?

Job vacancies are announced on websites that are dedicated to helping job seekers. You can use Jamaica’s #1 Job listing portal Jamaica Medium  to find job opportunities.

You may also mail your resume to the Human Resource Department.White Marl, P.O Box 378, Spanish Town,Jamaica, WI

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