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Woodlawn School of Special Education

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About Woodlawn School of Special Education

The Woodlawn School of Special Education formerly operated as the  Mandeville School of Hope, being a  unit of School of Hope , Golding Avenue . The doors of the Mandeville Branch first opened in 1969 at the Mandeville Parish Church Hall. At that time the student body was small with approximately ten (10) students on roll.

The school caters to the need of students with intellectual disabilities ages 6 – 18 years from the parishes of Manchester and St Elizabeth.

Before a student is considered for admission, the student must first be taken for professional assessment.  Once identified as having an intellectual disability. The assessment agency refers the student for placement in the school. The student is then admitted based on the availability of space.

Students are grouped according to their functioning level and are placed in on of the following levels: Pre-readiness, Readiness 1&2, Primary 1&2, Intermediate and Pre-vocational. The students are exposed to the following skill areas: Home Economics, Wood Craft and Horticulture.

The staff compliment consists of a principal, one guidance councilor, eleven (11) trained teachers and eight (8) assistant teachers.  A vice principal to be appointed. There is also an administrative assistant and an assistant bursar. The ancillary staff comprises four (4) janitors, a cook and a day watchman.

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