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As the Wisynco Group Limited celebrates 50 years of business and service to the Jamaican people, we take a look at how it all began and how the company earned its title “The Innovators”.

Was the official birth of Wisynco.   The new plant started production and manufactured 60 pairs of boots per hour. Soon farmers, casual labourers, factory workers, and anyone needing protection from the elements would be sporting Jamaican-made Iron Man water boots. Initially Wisynco introduced a double-shift system to keep up with growing demand, and when that still was not enough, expanded to three shifts. This was done by David Kerr and Joe Mahfood working 12 hour shifts to manage the three eight hour shifts. Andrew and William Mahfood were born.

Wisynco started exporting Iron Man water boots to Trinidad and Barbados.

Wisynco expanded production with its second line, “Mr. Robin” plastic shoes and boots for children. Factory space increased to 12,000 square feet by the middle of the 1960s, and by the end of that decade to 20,000 square feet.