The Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ)

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About The Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ)

The Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) is the government entity mandated to manage the country’s energy needs in a manner that supports the overall strategy for national development. Established in 1979 the PCJ is a statutory Corporation under the Ministry of Energy.

The Corporation’s mission is to undertake the development and promotion of Jamaica’s energy resources in support of the National Energy Policy and Vision 2030, the National Development Plan. The PCJ is the parent company of Petrojam Limited, Petrojam Ethanol Limited (PEL), Wigton Windfarm Limited and the Jamaica Aircraft Refuelling Services (JARS).

The PCJ’s mandate includes driving the diversification of Jamaica’s energy supply and facilitating the infusion of renewable energy into the country’s energy mix. In fulfilment of this, the Corporation focuses on four main areas; promoting energy efficiency, increasing the use of renewable energy sources, facilitating the production of biofuels and driving Oil & Gas Exploration.