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About The Marketing Counselors Ltd.

More than thirty-years ago they assembled a bold blueprint for the Marketing Counselors – a new kind of Agency for a new world. It was the 80’s, and a lot had changed. MJ was the King of Pop, Apple’s “1984” broke the advertising mold and Cable TV was the new kid on the block. Consumers were becoming more exposed, and more sophisticated with their buying habits.

No longer was it enough to just  ‘do an ad’.  Brands had to get a grasp of what moved people to buy. They did what very few agencies in Jamaica were doing at the time –PUT STRATEGY FIRST, THEN CREATIVE.

They’re built on the idea that a clear understanding of the underlying motivation for consumer behaviour is the foundation of excellent creative work.


To develop excellent marketing-driven advertising within a dynamic and harmonious agency environment that will contribute to greater profitability for our clients, and through their success, to our own.

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