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Tacius Golding High School, formerly, Brown’s Hall Secondary, Tacius Golding Secondary, and Tacius Golding Comprehensive High is situated in the cool hills of Brown’s Hall in North West St. Catherine, approximately 18 miles from Spanish Town and 11 miles from Old Harbour.
The then Brown’s Hall Secondary was established in September 1979 and subsequently renamed Tacius Golding Secondary in 1982. It attained Comprehensive High status in September 1996 and High School status in September 2000. The school derived its name from the prolific educator and politician, and also previous owner of the land on which it is situated, Tacius Golding.
The school began with an enrolment of 384 students of grades 8 and 9 groups. Today the school accommodates 1,481 students of grades 7-11 age group and operates on the shift system.
The school’s mission is: “To provide our students with quality education for a fuller life through teaching by a well organized, motivated and skillful staff, with maximum use of resources from parents, guardians, community and government.” The school’s motto is: “Learning For Service”.
The school has a staff of 61 teachers who offer core subjects along with, Agricultural Science, Art/Craft, Food and Nutrition, Clothing and Textiles, Home Management, Machine Shop and Welding, Business Studies and Carpentry and Cabinet Making.
Starting from a humble beginning, the school continued on its path of growth and development. Our athletes are making strides in the athletics arena; our graduates are • among the best in their respective fields. We have accomplished this through unity, determination and the guiding hands of God. We continue to strive to maintain a high standard of discipline and to obtain excellence.