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About St. Andrew High School for Girls

St. Andrew High School has been at the forefront of secondary education and has a heralded history of excellence now documented in the Emrie James Museum.  

Founded in 1925 through a partnership between the Presbyterian Church and the Wesleyan Synod of Jamaica, SAHS today is one of the best opportunities for secondary education in Jamaica. St Andrew graduates have blazed trails, recorded distinguished career achievements and holding ever-true to the school motto “Life More Abundant” have made significant contributions to Jamaica and the world.

From colonialism to independence SAHS has responded to the changing needs of a nation. Today’s strategic plan and Balanced Scorecard aligns the school with the best global practices in secondary education. Principal Sharon Reid’s inspired leadership, illustrated in the 2016-17 Focus Paper, and a committed school community have a singular goal – to develop and maintain the SAHS legacy of excellence.

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