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SOS Children‘s Villages Jamaica 1SOS Children village is a private, non-profit, non political and non-denominational welfare organization. The goal of SOS Children’s Villages is to offer orphaned and abandoned children, regardless of race, nationality or creed, a permanent home and to prepare them for an independent life. SOS children villages pursue these goals with fully qualified and highly committed staff.

SOS History

  • 1970: SOS Children’s Villages Jamaica was founded with the initiative of Dr. Harland Hastings, Mr. John Rollins and Prof.  Heinz Simonitsch.
  • 1971: The first 3 family houses were constructed in Barrett Town, Montego Bay.
  • 1972: On the 26th of November the children’s village at Barrett Town, Montego Bay, had its first registration.
  • 1982: The second children’s village had ground breaking in October in Stony Hill, Kingston.
  • 1984: Between February and October, 8 family houses were occupied in Stony Hill.
  • 1993: In Kingston, the Boys’ Youth Facility opened with 9 occupants.
  • 1995: In September, the Kindergarten in Stony Hill, Kingston, started classes serving the village and the local community.
  • 1996: In Barrett Town, Montego Bay, the academic year began for the new Jane Veira Kindergarten.
  • 1998: Dr. Harland Hastings, co-founder of SOS Children’s Villages Jamaica, passed away
  • 2000: In Montego Bay, a renovated house was opened as a Youth Facility accommodating 10 to 12 boys. Mr. John Rollins, co-founder and Mrs. Doris Hugh, Board Member, passed away.
  • 2002: The new SOS Hermann Gmeiner Prep School began operations with grades one to three.
  • 2003: Official opening of the SOS Hermann Gmeiner school and signing of agreement between SOS-Kinderdorf International and the Government of Jamaica.
  • 2004: First Jamaican appointed as National Director.
  • 2007: Two new family houses and a duplex was constructed at the village in Barrett Town, Montego Bay.
  • 2009: Additional Boys’ Youth Facility opened in Kingston.