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About Private Investigation Company

We specialize in marital infidelity surveillances in Jamaica!


We are a full service private investigation firm serving LAW FIRMS, CORPORATE ENTITIES, INSURANCE COMPANIES AND SELECT INDIVIDUALS. We are former U.S. Federal Law Enforcement Officers and retired high level local Jamaican Police. We also have local Jamaican attorneys on our staff.

We are experienced and knowledgeable regarding foreign investigations and Jamaican law. We have a stateside office in Miami as well for investigative support. The principals of our firm are U.S. Citizens that believe in prompt results and thorough investigations. We are honest and maintain the confidentiality of investigations unlike many local Jamaican so-called “investigators” or mass website creators from India, China and even Russia that claim to be local investigators. We pride ourselves on client satisfaction, our actual experience and stateside standards.


We work with law firms throughout the U.S. and Europe who have cases that require investigation in Jamaica. Our investigators have resolved issues in legal matters ranging from location of assets in divorce cases, locating witnesses in personal injury cases, obtaining signed statements in EEOC civil litigation, interviewing witnesses in property dispute matters and conducting background investigations of witnesses for criminal defense counsel. Our firm can produce a positive result in investigative litigation support. Our investigators can make the difference in preparing the case for either plaintiff or defense attorneys in civil cases and defense attorneys in criminal cases.


Our business services include the following:

Personal Injury litigation support
Missing asset location
Missing heirs and witnesses
Interviewing witnesses
Probate issues
Divorce dispute matters

Pre-employment background investigations
Fraudulent activity by franchising firms                  
Verify potential business partners assets and veracity
Determine financial status of company
Management fraud schemes

Live and well investigations
Fraudulent claims                                          EXPERIENCE-CONFIDENTIALITY-INTEGRITY
Verify Death of insured
Locate beneficiaries

In addition to law firm, corporate and insurance company investigations, we also provide guidance for individuals seeking assistance with regard to their marital situation. Clients often wish to know the facts about a person’s background and history when they are in the process of preparing to marry a foreign national. It is essential that a background investigation be conducted before commiting to the marriage of a Jamaican. Although most Jamaicans are interested in permanent relationships, some are interested in marriage for the sole purpose of securing permanent resident status in the United States or European countries.  We also conduct discreet surveillances of future spouses and in cases of infidelity.

A complete historical record check is essential to be certain that the potential husband or wife has no criminal record, is not married to somebody else and to determine the number of children and their financial status. We have handled cases where the intended bride was married to somebody else, using the name of a third person and had a criminal record for prostitution. We also have had cases of foreign national men that had criminal records for fraud, had numerous children by other women and were penniless although the U.S. Citizen believed they had no children and owned a thriving business. Investment in a thorough background investigation can prevent a lifetime of mental anguish and regret.

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