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About Meadowrest Memorial Gardens

Over twenty years ago, the Meadowbrook congregation of the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, envisaged the need for the acquisition of a burial site outside of the congested Kingston Metropolitan region. This vision was later embraced by the entire Untied Church and culminated in 1994 with the establishment of Meadowrest Memorial Gardens –a project which is owned and continues to be operated by the United Church.

The Gardens are located in the Red Pond/Frasers Content/Whittaker’s Mountain area, off the St. John’s road in St. Catherine on 55 acres of rolling countryside of natural beauty, in rustic but easily accessible terrane. The business office is approximately situated in the building which houses the Synod Administrative Office of the United Church at 12 Carlton Crescent, Kingston and in the same general compound as Webster Memorial United Church.

Available to persons of all denominations and the general public, the facilities include single and double vaults as well as urn vaults for the in-earth interment of ashes. A modern spacious chapel with a capacity of over 200 provides the option for persons interring the remains of loved ones in the Gardens of holding funeral/thanksgiving services in close proximity to the place of interment.

Meadowrest provides Internment Data Cards to bereaved families to assist in identifying the specific vaults in which loved ones are interred. There is in operation a referral service for the provision of Grief Counselling and a newsletter “The Caregiver” is published quarterly. In addition, the Annual Memorial Service held in the Chapel on the third Sunday in November and the Annual Funeral Directors’ Appreciation Function held in April each year are an integral part of the calendar of the Gardens.

Meadowrest Memorial Gardens has an unswerving commitment to:-
(a) Serve clients in a sensitive, caring and comforting setting through highly motivated professional personnel
(b) Developand maintain the Gardens and related services at the highest possible standards
(c) Ensure viability of the project and integrity in all aspects of its operations in keeping with the tenets of the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.

Open Positions at Meadowrest Memorial Gardens