Jamaica National Children’s Home

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About Jamaica National Children’s Home

The Jamaica National Children’s Home opened in 1973 as a branch of Britain’s National Children’s Home. It is one of Jamaica’s premier providers of care and protection for children rescued from poverty, neglect, abandonment and abuse. It is a non-government organisation owned and operated by the Jamaica Methodist Church, yet its governing board of directors retains strong links with all denominations as well as the Jamaican government.

The sole purpose of the National Children’s Home is to nurture children and to provide a loving, caring and stable home to orphans and abandoned children, as well as children with severe mental or physical disabilities whose parents are unable to provide proper care.

The Jamaica National Children’s Home includes three programmes vital to children:

The Residential Dormitory: Provides for 50 children aged between 6 and 18.

The Tegwyn Facility: Provides special care and rehabilitation services for 35 children and young adults with sever mental of physical challenges. Each receives 24-hours specialised care, including stimulation programmes and water therapy.

Carberry Court Special School: The school (located across the street), services the surrounding area, by providing special education for approximately 100 intellectually challenged children. Students are taught basic skills in agriculture, home economics, basic academics and more. A cornerstone of the school is its real-world work experiences that help the young people prepare for independent living and work.