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About Jamaica Biscuit Company Limited (Jambisco)

For over 100 years, The Jamaica Biscuit Company Limited (Jambisco) has been manufacturing biscuits in Kingston. The factory was established in Church Street, Kingston, by Jambisco’s original owners and was one of the first manufacturing industries to be established in Jamaica. The manufacturing process back then was very manual and the crackers were baked using brick ovens. These were prepared for people who travelled long distances and needed food which would last. The crackers were packed in crates and sold singly.

In 1999, The Bermudez Group bought Jambisco and extended its family north to Jamaica. The operations now comprise of the factory and three distribution hubs in Kingston, Montego Bay and Mandeville. Jambsico is the largest biscuit manufacturer in the island and is most known for its unique water cracker Excelsior – a definitively Jamaican staple. The company also provides salty snacks, flavoured water crackers and cream-filled sandwich biscuits. Jambisco’s brands are enjoyed in the USA, UK, Canada and Cayman Islands

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