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About Indies Pharma JA Ltd

Indies Pharma has started its activities as a vertically integrated company offering its consulting, regulatory & intellectual property services in addition to its marketing and distribution services to its overseas pharmaceutical manufacturers. Initially, it was promoting the third party brand names but strategically and eventually graduated to develop its own brand equity by securing the intellectual property and trademarks.

In the process, Indies Pharma has groomed itself into a strict ethical & brand equity company through a team of highly motivated marketing & drug representatives across the island of Jamaica. In addition, Indies Pharma has actively committing itself into participating and sponsoring various academic & clinical seminars and symposia throughout the year in the island.

The company started its operations with 6 basic prescription drug presentations in 2005. Now, it has approximately more than hundred (100) drug presentations in the market. While the company has filed for over 350 drugs for licensing at the Ministry of Health in Jamaica with all the licenses on hand the company intends to secure at least a 10% share of the current Jamaican pharmaceutical market, which is estimated to be between US$100 and US$120 million per annum.

The Organization is confident that the above stated goal is attainable due to its product portfolio, corporate policy and core strengths in the field of marketing and brand building in addition to its invaluable human resources asset.

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