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About Firearm Licensing Authority

The Firearm Licensing Authority is the statutory body in Ministry of National Security that regulates the legal and lawful use of firearms in Jamaica in keeping with firearm safe use and handling standards worldwide. The authority was established in 2005 by an act of Parliament to streamline and standardize the granting, renewal, and revocation of firearm licences and all the attendant processes relating to the use of firearms in Jamaica.

The FLA acts as a centralized administrative body with responsibility for:

Monitoring and regulating the issuance of firearm licences

Conducting relevant investigative checks where necessary

Ensuring proper and standardized Training Certification in the Safe Use and Care of firearms

Conducting regular audits and security reviews of gun clubs, private security companies, shooting facilities, licensed firearm holders and their firearms

Managing and maintaining a Ballistic Identification Database for ballistic information of licensed guns


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