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Crawford Primary School

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About Crawford Primary School

Crawford Primary is a government –leased Anglican school which is located in south-west St. Elizabeth.

The school is located in south-west St. Elizabeth about five miles from the town of Black River and is situated about three miles from the neighbouring parish of Westmoreland. It has a population of one hundred and twenty-seven (126) boys and one hundred and thirteen (113) girls with the average daily attendance being two hundred and four (239) students coming from the communities of Crawford, Sandy Ground, Dalintober, White House, Fustic Grove, and Beeston Spring.

The school is located in a fishing/farming community. Many students may fall within the low socio-economic ranking as their parents are chiefly tradesmen, labourers, farmers, fishermen, small shopkeepers, vendors and unemployed. The staff is constituted of six (6) female teachers and one (1) male. The Principal is also female.

Board Meetings are held at least one per term. The PTA is also active and meetings are held monthly. The school does not have a Past Students’ Association as yet.

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