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About Bridgeport High School

Bridgeport High School is situated at 1 Gibson Road in Bridgeport, Portmore, St. Catherine. It is ideally located at the corner of Portmore Parkway and Gibson Road. It is found within the political boundaries of South East St. Catherine and Jamaica’s newest municipality, Portmore. The school lies on the outskirt of the residential Bridgeport community, and is bordered on the right by the main thoroughfare with its entrance and exit on Gibson road. The main road runs between the school and Portmore Missionary Church and Preparatory School, nearing the northern border of the Edgewater community. To the left of the school and a few meters down the road is the Bridgeport complex, home to the Bridgeport Police Station, Post Office and Health Center.

Bridgeport High School was the first high school to be opened in the dormitory community of Portmore in September 1978, followed by Waterford High in January 1979. As the population of Portmore increased (now over 170,000), three other High schools have opened to serve the growing need for secondary school placement.

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