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About Bethlehem Moravian College

Bethlehem Moravian College, which is situated in the parish of St. Elizabeth, in the cool hills of Malvern at the Peak of the Santa Cruz Mountain, was established in 1861 under the auspices of the Moravian Church in Jamaica. Over the years, Bethlehem has been one of the foremost tertiary institutions offering quality teacher education programmes to young Jamaicans. Bethlehem started as a female institution and has since become a coeducational one with a rapidly growing population. Recently it has become a Multidisciplinary Institution to mould the lives of young Jamaicans into the 21st Century.

The College has always been a dynamic institution – training teachers of the highest quality, contributing to the development of the Malvern community through employment, and a continuing education for adults. More recently it has become even more dynamic – diversifying its offers to educational programmes and courses to include, in addition to teacher education, Community College courses, computer Education and a continuation school for High School repeaters. The College has also forged many linkages with a wide range of tertiary institutions in Canada, the United States of America and England, thus exposing the students to cross-cultural experiences, and to the best of techniques and technology.

Bethlehem Moravian College has a great reputation and is one of the best of its kind in the region and continues to maintain high standards of excellence for which the institution is known.Over the decades, the Bethlehem Moravian College has played major roles in shaping the educational landscape through its graduates who are integrated in all facets of life in Jamaica and beyond its shores. For one hundred and forty-seven years, the college has been training teachers but has since 1994 added Business, Environmental and Tourism Hospitality to the learning mission. In 1997, in collaboration with the Consortium of Institutions for Tertiary Education, the college has expanded its offering to Bachelors degrees in Primary and Secondary Education. Bethlehem Moravian College is as dedicated today as it was in 1861 when it was founded. We continue to uphold the principle that humanity rests in the hands, hearts, minds of those who will accept responsibilities for themselves and others in the society where education is an overriding priority.

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