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About Attorney General’s Chambers

As the Principal Law Office of the Crown, the Attorney General’s Chambers is responsible for providing legal advice and representation of all ministries and Departments of Government.  The Attorney General or his/her appointee appears for the Crown in all civil cases which must be instituted against the Attorney General, and pursuant to the Crown Proceedings Act his/her  office also institutes civil proceedings on behalf of the Crown.

No law can come into force without receiving the signature of the Governor General, but the Attorney General must first certify it.

The overall nature and responsibilities of the office of Attorney General require him/she to protect the public interest as parens patriae (parent of his/her country).

Even though the post of the Attorney General is a political one, it is also a professional post, and he/she should not be influenced by political considerations in giving legal opinions.

Within the legal profession he/she is the head of the Bar.  It should be noted that he/she takes precedence at the Bar in matters before the court because he/she is the first law officer,  he/she must set an example for the legal profession to follow, and he/she is, by statute, a member of the General Legal Council.  The Attorney General need not be a Minister of Government, or a Member of Parliament.  A private person may be appointed.

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