Best Job Websites & Boards in Jamaica

Whether new to the world of work or simply yearning for a new challenge or opportunity, the process of seeking a job has traditionally been a harrowing task. So much so that many persons will settle for doing something they neither want nor like to avoid the hassle of continuing the search. Thankfully, modern technology has gone a far way in making the process more straightforward and less time consuming so more and more people are making their way online in search of jobs. Whether by way of a dedicated website of through social media pages, on Facebook and the like, the demand for the service has created the need for more supply and in 2019, there are more job search and placement options on the internet than there were even as recently as 2015.

Of the lot though, a few have separated themselves from the pack;, and are websites that come readily to mind and are very popular with job seekers and employers in Jamaica. There is also the I Need a Job Jamaica page on Facebook that has its following. However, none of these have managed to become as prominent on the job search scene as which has firmly established itself the standout in a crowded field.

Best Job Websites & Boards in Jamaica 1

Best Job Websites & Boards in Jamaica

1) Jamacian Medium Jobs

This portal is arguably one of the most active job websites in Jamaica.

Jamaicans use this site to search for jobs regularly.

Both expats and locals have job offers on this website.

Start by creating a profile, upload a resume, and apply for relevant jobs so that recruiters can get in touch with you.

2) go-jamaica Jobs

Search for jobs, get the latest job vacancies in Jamaica.

They provide jobs in all categories and also write articles that will boost your career.

3) Caribbeanjobs

They offer job opportunities to all job seekers in the Caribbean including Jamaica.

4) I Need a Job Jamaica

This is a Facebook-based job site that goes through other popular databases and posts jobs in an easy to read manner.

5) Jamaicanjobsonline 

Find employment opportunities across Jamaica and get job offers.


With an attractive, user-friendly interface and listings from prominent employers spanning various sectors and industries, has increased its popularity exponentially in the last two years and has created quite the reputation as an excellent resource for both browsing available jobs and posting vacancies. Users have frequently given positive feedback about the ease with which they are able to view the different job offerings, they comment on the job hunting tips and resources the website offers and they are impressed by the fact that employers also use the website as a partner to publicize vacancies they may have. All these things work together to create an experience for the job seeker that eliminates frustration and maximizes efficiency.

With close to 100,000 jobs posted since its inception, has proven to be highly beneficial for the person in search of work. Listings can be refined by industry, parish and even by a company and that allows the user to focus in on those opportunities that best fit their need or circumstances. As the adage says, “time lost can never be regained” and the minds behind make sure that no unnecessary time or energy is used browsing through the information they provide.

For the uninitiated, the website also provides valuable information about skills and approaches that the job seeker can use to their advantage and gives advice as to what common mistakes to avoid when searching, applying or interviewing for job openings.

The world of work is a highly competitive and demanding space and, these days, the internet has become the new battlefield for those looking to not just join the workforce but to excel in it. Knowing the right online resources to use in Jamaica can only work to one’s advantage and in a crowded field, continues to stand head and shoulders above the rest.